Beech timber
lightly steamed
and dried

The primary product is beech timber lightly steamed and kiln dried, successfully used in furniture factories across the world.

At the moment our factory has an Artiglio vertical log band saw production line of high precision , ten timber kiln drying systems with a total capacity of 1000 cbm and two industrial steamer systems. All of this equipment enables our factory to produce up to 20.000 cbm of high quality timber per year.

Technological process
for producing beech timber

Logging in Romsilva marked forests.

  • Sawing logs at required specifications

  • Lightly Steaming the timber.
  • Kiln drying the timber up to required humidity

  • Processing the timber to meet high quality standards

  • Our quality standards
    and dimensions

    Our quality standards

  • EA Class – 4FC (4 Clean Faces)
  • A Class – 3FC (3 Clean Faces)
  • B Class – 3FC (3 Clean Faces, red heart admitted, one knot maximum admitted )

  • Dimensions

  • Thicknesses: 25mm , 38mm, 50mm, 60mm, 80mm
  • Widths: 10cm and up
  • Lengths:
  • TAL 1.8m and up
  • TAS 1.0m-1.7m
  • TASS 0.3m – 0.9m
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